Friday, May 20, 2011

My life since December of 09 lol

Well a lot has happened, first off we found out that Jax does not have Acid Reflux he has a type of sugar intolerance were he cant eat any form of processed sugars and let me tell you EVERY THING has sugar in it I never would have thought that Mac and Cheese had sugar in it but just goes to show you that even the little things you have to read... Jax is now 18 months :( he is getting so big who would have thunk it lol but he is also now a big brother to Kendrix Zeek born in March, let me tell you there is way to much testosterone flowing in this place most days. I desperately need the next one to be a girl :) I need pink and tutus and bedazzle lol....

TATA for now

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